Formats and Fees Management

In the "Formats" section of the administrative part of the platform you can manage the formats that customers can choose when ordering the files.
In each format, the minimum size of the image to be downloaded must be indicated.
It is only necessary to load a single image in the largest measure, since Visualonline reduces and delivers the image according to the measure requested by the client.

Once the Formats are configured, the photographer must edit the Tariffs for each format.
There are two options for selecting pictures for customers to order:
Requests for paper copies
Digital File Requests
In the section "Fees" you must choose to edit the prices in one of these pain modalities. "Paper (Gloss, Matte)" or "Files Only"

The system of introduction of the prices is very simple to use since you have in view the complete tariff by Formats and Quantities for the case of the orders of copies in paper.

When calculating the order prices, the system first groups the paper type and then the formats, then the sum of the quantities of each chosen format is searched and the corresponding tariff for the sum of each format is applied.
To apply the corresponding fee, the system will find which of the tranches is the one that should be used. In the example, if you ask for 102 copies of 9x9 the price will be 0.22 x 102 = 22.44 Euros, but if you only ask for 80 copies the price would be 0.24 x 80 = 19.20 Euros